Anatra - it's a family thing

Howdy. My name is Phil and I'm a product entrepreneur. I've gone through the ups and downs of starting and selling a business, worked at the Pentagon on one of the first open source software projects within the DoD, helped run a 50 person digital agency and was a Product Manager at Microsoft working on making it easier for people to buy stuff on Xbox.

I currently consult for a variety of clients including the KodakOne team helping them develop features that help make their customer's lives easier. I've been a tech advisor for the amazing team at helping them grow into new technology platforms to fuel their growth. I currently serve on the board of Healthy Minds Group where the team is trying to build better training and products for male trauma. I'm also starting Northwood with Dr. John Medina where we are applying the peer-reviewed sciences into organizations to use the science of behavior to improve the practice of behaving. We're starting off our venture tackling the topic of gender in the workplace. We're in the process of incubating our content and approach at Microsoft with the Microsoft Teams organization. 

Anatra is "Duck" in Italian and is an homage to my Grandfather who many affectionately called "Ducky". Growing up on a duck farm on Long Island, my grandfather developed a work ethic and love for the town he lived in that endeared him to many people over his lifetime. He was a man of great integrity, generosity, passion and affection. 




Seattle, WA


Areas of Expertise


You can call it "growth hacking" or digital marketing or MarTech. I just see it as using data and online tools to connect what you do best in the world to more people. 


PEople Management

I've run dozens of teams over the years and have seen first hand what works and doesn't work in running teams and getting the best out of people. 

Business Strategy

Business strategy is about understanding people - both those that you're selling to and those that are delivering your products and services. My experience spans from the Pentagon to Xbox in growing organizations and companies. 


Product Development process

Taking an idea to functioning feature requires a level of organization, rigor, customer understanding and some special sauce. I can help set up a product process that is sustainable and easy to implement. 


Some people watch Game of Thrones at night...I read Product Hunt and beta test new apps, services and tools.I've worked with hundreds of platforms, tools and frameworks and can help your organization implement technology in a way that amplifies your business impact. 

I need a 6th one here

I'm using a Squarespace template and there's this extra content box. It felt weird to leave it one blank and I don't want to deal with editing the theme so here's a little story - One day a little hamster named Charl tripped over someone's wallet. Charl was an honest hamster and turned it over to the park service to be returned to its owner. - The end. 


Two roads diverged in a wood, and I —
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
— Robert Frost