From an early age I've benefited from relationships with guys who were willing to meet with a young blood (shout to Uncle Drew) to share their insights into life, business and everything in between. The idea of The Old Fashioned came to me a while back as a way to get some of my friends together to learn from some of these people. The concepts are simple: 

We'll share an Old Fashioned cocktail together while we enjoy conversation with a guest who will drop some dimes of knowledge on us. 

  • Attendees

    • The attendees are friends of mine or friends of friends

    • They're long on the Seattle area

    • They're making a leadership impact in business and community

  • Old Fashioned Guests

    • They get something from AARP in the mail

    • They're influencers and have built, shaped, created to the point where they're respected in their community as a leader

    • They care about the next crop of leaders and aren't a "get off my lawn" type of person

Our next Old Fashioned event will be announced sometime toward the end of May. We’ll be hosting Jack McMillan, former Co-Chairman of Nordstrom.

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